The purpose of the National Platform

The overall goal of both the National Platform that is being created and the working group is to counter the manipulation of sports competitions in order to protect the integrity of sport and sports ethics.

Main objectives and functions

1) Coordinate the fight against manipulations of sports competitions.

2) Act as an information center for collecting and disseminating anti-manipulation information to relevant organizations and authorities.

3) Receive, centralize and analyze information about incorrect and suspicious bets on sports competitions, take appropriate measures.

4) Transmit information about possible violations of the law or sports rules to public authorities or sports organizations and/or operators of sports betting.

5) Cooperate with organizations and relevant authorities at the national and international levels, including the national platforms of other states.

Legal status

  • The National Platform will work in the format of an interagency working group.

The established National Platform will operate in accordance with the provisions of the Convention, the Law of Ukraine “On Prevention of Corruption Offenses on the Results of Official Sports Competitions” dated 03.11.2015 № 743-VIII, regulations on the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of 02.07.2015. 2014 №220.

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