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The purpose of the National Platform is to combat the manipulation of sports competitions in order to protect the integrity of sports and sports ethics.

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In this way, you protect the sport in which you participate or support the athletes, as well as the values ​​of the sport.

Manipulation of sports competitions devalues ​​the essence of sports, violating the principle of integrity and unpredictability of the results of competitions, causes distrust and contempt on the part of the public. Messages, both anonymous and non-anonymous, are a way of transmitting information that helps to identify cases of manipulation, investigate them in detail and impose penalties provided by law.

In addition, if you are an athlete, coach, judge, or athlete support personnel, you should be aware that concealing manipulation may result in criminal and disciplinary action. In such cases, reporting a case of sports manipulation helps protect the sport and makes you part of the solution, not the problem.

The manipulation of sports competitions can take many forms. They are intended to obtain any improper benefit by improperly influencing the outcome or course of sporting events.

Match-fixing is a prime example of sports manipulations. In particular, when an agreement is reached between two sports teams or athletes to achieve a certain result in a competition, for which one side receives a reward (monetary, material), and the other – a victory in sports competitions.

Another example is the falsification of documents of an athlete for participation in competitions of a different age category, which contradicts the integrity of the sport.

Further information on the manipulation of sports competitions and their types can be found in the section “Manipulation of sports competitions” of our website.

According to the Olympic Code, adopted by international and national federations, as well as the Macaulay Convention, among the violations for a competitor (athlete, coach, judge, support staff, etc.) are the following:

1) Direct intervention of stakeholders in the course of sports competitions.

2) Changing the identity or personal data of the athlete in order to influence the course or outcome of sporting events.

3) Influence on the course or result of a sports competition through modifications: playing surfaces, equipment, physiology of the athlete, sports facility, etc.

4) Bet on your own sport / discipline.

5) Leakage of information about yourself, your team or other athletes in order to obtain illegal benefits.

According to Article 369-3 “Illegal influence on the results of official sports competitions” of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, influence on the results of official sports competitions in order to obtain unlawful benefits for oneself or a third person is punishable by a fine in the amount of two hundred to one thousand tax-free minimum incomes of citizens, restriction of freedom from one up to three years or imprisonment for up to three years.

Additional information on the specifics of liability and its types related to the manipulation of sports competitions can be found in the “Manipulation of sports competitions” section of our website.

Anyone who has information about a possible violation of the integrity of sport – manipulation of sports competitions. To do this, a person can send a report of violations through a special form on the site, or contact the hotline or use other channels listed in the “Contacts”.

Yes, a minor can send a report. The national platform does not require the age of the person sending such a report.

Yes. There is also an English version of the platform and a form for reporting manipulations that can be used by foreigners.

Each received report is checked in accordance with the rules of the platform.

Yes, messages can be both anonymous and non-anonymous. To leave your contact information, just enter it in the text of your report.

Platform administrator, representatives of the working group and other stakeholders of the National Platform.

Anonymous and non-anonymous reports are considered at the same level according to the same verification procedure.

No. The National Platform shall take all appropriate measures not to disclose personal data.

Reports sent through the form on the website of the National Platform are anonymous and cannot be tracked, except in cases of voluntary entry of personal data by the person who sent the report.

When using a chatbot in Telegram to send a manipulation report, you should set restrictions on access to your phone number in the privacy settings.

When sending a report, you must indicate the sport in which the event takes place or took place, the id or name of the sports event, the date, the name of the athlet or name of the sports team for which the report was made and what constitutes violation in any form with all details.

Upon receipt of the report of manipulation of a sporting event from any available channel, the Secretariat of the National Platform sends inquiries to partners for additional information and comments on the sporting event and the athlete or team participating in it. The working group considers and analyzes the received information and makes decisions on sports competition in the official conclusion.

The report can be related to both past and recurring or future events.  

This mechanism is currently under development, but will be available soon.

Additional information can be added through a new message, indicating in the content of the violation that the information is in addition to the previously provided.

Providing a file with evidence is not a prerequisite for report, but having it can be crucial in detecting the fact of illegal influence on the results of official sports competitions.

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