International GO

International GO

  1. The Council of Europe is one of the most influential international organizations in the field of sport. Among the sports conventions it has issued is the Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions (the Macolin Convention), which was signed in 2014. Within the framework of this Convention, each Party shall identify a national platform addressing manipulation of sports competitions, as referred to in Article 13 of the Convention.
  2. United Nations are actively involved in sport corruption issues through the United Nations Office of Drug and Crime (UNODC). There are two relevant resolutions that concern sport corruption and refer to the manipulation of sport competitions and the importance of sports integrity.
  3. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) issued in 2018 the Olympic Movement Code against Competitions Manipulation. This code constitutes also the framework for disciplinary procedures and sanctions in relevant athletes misconducts. IOC is in close collaboration with the Council of Europe, INTERPOL, the United Nations (through UNODC) and has participated in the development of the International Partnership Against Corruption in Sports (I.P.A.C.S.).
  4. IOC Code for Prevention of Competitions’ Manipulation 

  5. IOC Guidelines for preventing Competitions’ Manipulation 

  6. Code of Integrity from the World Athletics (WA) 

  7. Disciplinary Regulations from the Integrity Unit of the International Tennis Federation 

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